Transforming Your Apartment: Tips for Furnishing Your Space

Willow Furniture

I have often been asked if willow furniture is suitable for all the year round furnishing, and I can only answer that it is, most decidedly. I have never quite understood just what was meant by all the year round furnishings. Perhaps the person who asks the question is referring to those who are fortunate enough to own a cottage or bungalow, only used for a few months in the year, and may have felt that willow furniture was only suitable for summer use. There can be no foundation for such a theory, for even though we are apt to associate willow furniture with porches and sun parlors, there is no reason at all why it is not just as appropriate to use in any room where it is in keeping with the other furnishings. As a consequence, let us not feel that we are transgressing the rudiments of good taste when we use it in our winter rooms as well.

For instance, our living room may be furnished in mahogany or oak. We may have several upholstered chairs, an over-stuffed davenport or couch.

Willow Chairs and Tables

An illustration which measures five feet and two inches in length costs Twenty-two Dollars, and the cushion covered in denim will be Six Dollars and Fifty Cents. The same design measuring six feet and two inches in length costs Twenty-six Dollars and the cushion Eight Dollars.

Small Table Designs

A number of charming designs for small tables are shown opposite. They are appropriate for bedrooms, living rooms or porches, and like the chairs can be stained or painted any color.

Cushion Prices

The prices quoted on the willow chairs do not include the cost of the cushions. As a rule, the cushions are covered in denim and recovered in the material which is used for the hangings or in some plain colored material to harmonize. At no extra charge for covering, the cushions can be ordered in any material which you wish. The only additional expense would be the actual cost for the material used.

In denim covering the seat cushions for the chairs cost One Dollar and a Quarter. Small pad cushions for the backs cost Seventy-five Cents and large pad cushions for the wing chairs cost One Dollar.

Willow Furniture

We often see rooms furnished entirely in willow, but the effect is more pleasing if the willow is combined with either oak or mahogany furniture. For sun parlors it is, of course, in perfect good taste to use only the willow. A breakfast room may also be made attractive by the use of willow chairs and table. Small sideboards and serving tables are also made, but it is not advisable to use them. We do not want to overdo the willow idea. A few pieces, well chosen, and placed, will be more effective than a room completely furnished in it.

Durability and Comfort

A good quality of willow is very durable and the chairs are exceedingly comfortable. They will last for years and have the advantage over the heavier wood chairs of being easily moved about. The chair below on the left costs Nine Dollars in the natural color and the one on the right Six Fifty.

Bedroom Furniture

GOOD BEDROOM FURNITURE: The bedroom offers greater possibilities for bright, cheerful schemes in its decorating and furnishing than any other room in the house. Here we may use the brightest chintzes, and delightful decorative fabrics, that always bring so much sunshine into the room. There are so many different styles of bedroom furniture from which to select that we are often at a loss to determine which of the many attractive patterns to choose.

White Enamel Furniture

In recent years white enamel furniture has become immensely popular for bedroom use. Some of the beds, dressers, and bureaus are made doubly interesting by the introduction of cane panels. Many of the more elaborate designs are embellished with carved ornament, but as we are only dealing with inexpensive furniture we will not consider them here. Most of the bedroom sets follow the period styles in the spirit of their design and many interesting variations of these styles are reproduced.

Period Styles

For the small bedroom, the Adam, Colonial, William and Mary, Sheraton and some simplified versions of the French periods are most appropriate. 

Here is the formatted text:

Adam Style Set

This set in white or ivory enamel is designed in the Adam style. The single or double bed, three feet three, or four feet six, costs Twenty-seven Dollars and Seventy-five Cents. The chiffonier, thirty-four inches wide and twenty inches deep, is sold at the same price. The Cheval glass with a beveled plate mirror measuring fifty-four by twenty inches, costs Thirty Dollars.

Bureau and Dressing Table

The bureau shown on page One Hundred and Three has a mirror measuring twenty-four by thirty inches. The bureau is forty-two inches long and twenty-two inches deep. Its cost is Twenty-Nine Dollars and Twenty-five Cents. The dressing table shown above has a three-part mirror, the center glass measuring sixteen by twenty-four inches. The top of the dressing table is thirty-nine inches in length and twenty.

William and Mary Bedroom Set

A charming William and Mary bedroom set in white, ivory or gray enamel or birch mahogany would be charming in any bedroom. There is a distinct refinement of line about the William and Mary designs which are taken from the Georgian period in England. The posts of the bed shown above are five feet in height. The beds can be had in the single width which is three feet three inches or the double width which is four feet six inches, and are sold at the same price.

Bed Prices

In birch mahogany this bed costs Thirty-two Dollars and Seventy-five Cents. On the two following pages are shown the other pieces which are made. In enamel this bed costs Thirty-four Dollars and Twenty-five Cents.


The well designed chiffonier measures thirty-four inches in width and twenty inches in depth. The mirror is sixteen by twenty. The price on this chiffonier in birch mahogany is Thirty-nine Dollars and Seventy-five Cents and in enamel Forty-one Twenty-five. There are two drawers above and four good roomy drawers below.


The bureau is forty-four inches wide and twenty-two inches deep, the large plate mirror at the back measuring twenty-four by thirty.

Writing Table and Side Table

A writing table with a good arrangement of small shelves and drawers is made to match this set, also a small center or side table. The table desk is thirty-four inches long and twenty-one inches deep. In birch mahogany it is Twenty-four Seventy-five and in enamel Twenty-five Dollars and Twenty-five Cents. The small table which is thirty inches long by twenty inches wide is Fifteen Seventy-five in birch mahogany and Seventeen Twenty-five in enamel. A thirty inch round table can also be had at the same price.

Decorative Scheme

Furniture of this kind lends itself to almost any decorative scheme. The woodwork should, of course, be white, ivory, or gray and a combination of plain walls with figured hangings or vice versa would be equally in keeping. William and Mary furniture calls for very refined surroundings and one should be careful to choose a dignified scheme of decoration for the room.

Enamel Furniture Set

No description is necessary for this interesting set of enamel furniture which can be had in white, ivory or gray. The three foot three, or four foot six bed costs Forty-one Dollars and Twenty-five Cents. The bureau measures forty-four inches broad by twenty-two inches deep and is priced at Forty-eight Dollars and Twenty-five Cents in any of the colors mentioned.

Chiffonier and Dressing Table

The chiffonier above is thirty-three inches wide and twenty-one inches deep. The plate mirror is eighteen by twenty-two. The price is Forty-two Dollars. The three part mirror dressing table is forty-one inches long and twenty-one deep. Its price is Thirty-eight Twenty-five.

Painted Furniture

A good proof of our interest in attractive things for the home is the recent revival of the painted furniture. Some of us may have in our possession one or two of the old Colonial chairs which were decorated so attractively with quaint designs in flowers and fruit. In the present instance, a set of furniture designed in the spirit of the old Colonial pieces has been decorated in a similar manner. The three-quarter post beds are in the rubbed enamel finish. The po

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