The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Decor: Creating Your Dream Oasis

The Bathroom

In selecting color for the bathroom, many people choose plain white. This is undoubtedly good taste for those who care for it. But as a matter of fact, if the bathroom gets little sunlight, it looks very cold if white is used.

The walls in the room in our illustration are painted a pale blue to relieve and balance the whiteness of the fixtures. The bathroom wall may be quite as interesting as other portions of the house.

Paint is the ideal wall covering for the bathroom, for the dampness, steam and splashing around are a strenuous tax upon the wearing qualities of the room’s equipment.

With modern fixtures, and a knowledge of the cleanliness and protective quality of good paint, every member of the family is interested in the bathroom and its opportunities for health and comfort.

Bathroom walls and wood should be coated with either full gloss or eggshell finish. Mooramel is proper for the gloss. By adding raw Linseed Oil at the ratio of one pint to the gallon of Sani-Flat a perfect eggshell will be obtained. The suggested treatments shown on opposite page are based accordingly.


Mooramel, the Excelling and Enduring Enamel, has, through merit alone, gained a most enviable reputation with architect, decorator and owner of property, and is accepted by all to be the nearest approach to the most perfect enamel which has ever been produced. It has been extensively used in hospitals, hotels, public buildings and private dwellings with the highest degree of satisfaction.

Mooramel works easy, has perfect flowing and superior covering properties, “enduring” whiteness and other qualities which make it the “excelling” enamel.

Mooramel has been used and thoroughly tested on all kinds of enameling work, particularly has it stood the test on bath rooms, halls and other places where it is often necessary to cleanse the surfaces with soap and water.

Specifications for the Application of Muresco, Sani-Flat and Mooramel


New Plaster Surfaces:

Properly prepare and size wall with Impervo Surfacer, allowing this coat to dry overnight.

Apply a good flow coat of Muresco mixed as follows: To four pints boiling hot water, stir in 5 pounds of Muresco of desired shade. Strain through cheesecloth, breaking up all lumps. Allow to stand until cool, jellying will take place at this time; now add additional pint of cold water, mixing thoroughly. The Muresco is now ready for application.

Old Plaster Surfaces:

Wash off all old Calcimine, repair cracks, etc., in plaster; size wall with Impervo Surfacer if necessary, then proceed as for new work.


Three Coat Work

New Plastered Walls or Wall Boards

When all defects are repaired by plaster or putty and thoroughly dry, sand off rough places and dust carefully.

First Coat: Mix equal parts of Impervo Surfacer and Sani-Flat, using the same shade as intended for finishing coat.

Second Coat: To one gallon of Sani-Flat add one pint of Linseed Oil and apply.

Third Coat: Apply Sani-Flat of desired shade as received in the container.

Two Coat Work

First Coat: Same mixture as for three coat work.

Second Coat: Apply Sani-Flat as received in the container and invariably a good job is obtained.

Old Painted Surfaces and New Wood

First Coat: Add one pint of Linseed Oil to a gallon of Sani-Flat, stir thoroughly and apply.

Second Coat or succeeding coats: When the first coat is hard, dry, apply the Sani-Flat as received in the container.

Eggshell Finish: By adding one pint of Linseed Oil to a gallon of Sani-Flat a beautiful dull gloss finish will be obtained.


First, sandpaper surface perfectly smooth; apply a coat of Shellac to all sappy spots, knots, etc.

First Coat: Apply a priming coat of Moore’s White Enamel Underbody thinned with a pint of Pure Linseed Oil to the gallon.

Second Coat: Apply Moore’s White Enamel Underbody as received in the package.

Third Coat: Apply a mixture of equal parts of White Enamel Underbody and Mooramel.

Fourth Coat: Apply Mooramel as it comes from the can, flowing on freely.

If another coat of Mooramel is necessary, allow plenty of time for drying, then sand lightly and apply another coat as before.

When a rubbed surface is desired, allow four days to a week for hardening, before rubbing.

Plaster Walls

Use Impervo Surfacer as the priming coat, then follow specifications as for new wood, using Sani-Flat as an undercoating if desired.

Old Painted or Enameled Surfaces

These should be first washed with a proper cleaning solution to remove all grease, soot, dirt, etc.; then sandpaper and apply sufficient coats of Moore’s White Enamel Underbody to give a uniform and perfectly smooth surface upon which to apply the final coats of Mooramel.

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