Serene and Sophisticated: Designing a White Enamel Bedroom

Unlimited Possibilities

Let us have at least one bedroom in every house furnished in white enamel. The possibilities are unlimited for charming effects and from the many good designs in bedroom furniture which are to be had we will have no difficulty in evolving a successful room.

Attractively Furnished

The illustration on the opposite page shows a small room attractively furnished with a set of furniture which is excellent in design and reasonable in price.

Blue Striped Paper

The walls are covered from the baseboard to the picture molding in a blue striped paper and finished at the top with a narrow border. The woodwork is painted walnut brown.

Cretonne Window Hangings

Two designs in cretonne are shown which would be appropriate for window hangings. The pattern on the right is an English chintz, in typical chintz colorings, and the one on the left is a domestic cretonne in soft pink, blue, lavender and gray.

Cream White Cross Barred Scrim

Either of these patterns can be purchased for Fifty-five Cents a yard. Cream white cross barred scrim is used for the sash curtains, hung from separate rods and dropped straight to the sill.

Rag Rugs

Rag rugs are both appropriate and serviceable for small bedrooms. They can be had in a variety of soft colors and sizes. The one shown in the illustration has a dull blue center with white stripes at the ends.

Reasonable Price

It measures seven feet and six inches by ten feet and six inches and costs Eight Dollars. Other sizes can be had at proportionate prices. These rugs are reasonable in price and can be easily washed when soiled.

Charming Simplicity of Design

The various pieces of furniture which are shown are charming in their simplicity of design. This set of furniture may be had in white enamel or a soft ivory tone. It is also made in Circassian walnut.

Exceptionally Good Construction and Finish

The construction and finish is exceptionally good in consideration of the reasonable prices, and the different designs are suitable in size for a small bedroom.

Suggestive of Louis Sixteenth Style

The designs are suggestive of the Louis Sixteenth style in their grace and delicacy of line.

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