Personalize Your Space: Styling Your Bedroom with Flair

Bedroom Color Variety

However simple the bedroom is, do not have it all one color. The human being is so constituted that he requires color, and a variety of same. Do not, therefore, have a room all pink, or all blue, or all anything else without some contrasting color. Have nothing in it as a permanent element that you are likely to tire of.

Sense of Spaciousness

The small bedroom, and most bedrooms are small, requires treatment to give it a sense of spaciousness. Light colored walls are best in these cases—ivory, light warm gray, cream, and the like, depending upon the other furnishings.

Cleanliness is easy to have when paint is used instead of wall paper. Vari-Tone effects and other surface treatment may be applied to paint to make it extremely attractive. The plain, untreated painted wall however, gives the most restful, soothing effect that it is possible for a wall to produce. It has a soft, velvet-like finish, and when those dainty shades are chosen, the whole room will prove delighting.


Paneling, as in our illustration, gives a fine effect of architectural dignity. Large square panels are to be avoided, as they are monotonous and give no sense of relief. The moldings should enclose panels of at least two different sizes, and should be grouped rather than regularly spaced.


MURESCO was the first practical and generally accepted modern development of the oldest known fresco painting and decorating materials which are today the first of all decorative mediums in point of economy and artistic beauty.

Walls tinted with Moore’s Muresco have a soft, smooth, velvet-like finish that will not rub off, crack or peel, and have absolutely nothing of that cold, clammy “feel” that is sometimes associated with wall paper. Its popularity is due to the unsurpassed way in which it combines beauty of color and texture with great durability, hiding power and ease of application.

Easy to Prepare

Muresco is a dry powder and is prepared for use by mixing with boiling water. It is so easy to prepare and apply that even the unpracticed hand can get first-class results. Muresco may be Vari-Toned, stencilled, stippled, or just applied without these it is sure to be delighting.

Muresco comes in refreshing, dainty shades, the very thing for cheerful yet restful rooms where delicate tints convert the drabbest place into a livable, lovable environment. The cleanliness of it, the simplicity, the wearing quality, and the economy of it in the first place, make it irresistible for the up-to-date, wholesome and well cared for house.

Muresco is the ideal finish for all ceilings.

Bright and Cheerful Room

Even though a room may get little sunshine, yet it can be made bright and cheerful if decorated and furnished in appropriate color schemes. The room in our illustration is of northern exposure and is made charming by the use of bright, vibrant colors.

The walls are a sunny tan. The ivory furniture reflects its golden tinge, the rug of rose colored tints creates an atmosphere of warmth and cheer and at the same time is in perfect good taste.

Tile-Like Color Varnish

TILE-LIKE Color Varnish is a high-grade water-proof product manufactured to supply the popular demand for a practical combination of stain and varnish, which may be used for new or old work. It dries quickly, with a high, durable luster that will resist water and does not scratch or mar white.

Tile-Like Color Varnish gives to inexpensive cheap woods the appearance of the more valuable ones; it also restores the original beauty of old marred and scarred furniture and floors. Linoleum or oil cloth flooring may be preserved or refinished by the application of one or more coats.

By the use of Ground Color, Tile-Like Graining Compound and Graining Tool, it is possible to obtain beautiful grained effects with very little experience or effort.

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