Kitchen Decor: Tips and Ideas for a Beautiful and Functional Space

The fact that the kitchen is a place of active service is no reason why it should not be made a pleasant part of the house.

To be sanitary does not mean to be white. Pleasing color schemes will not imply a lack of hygienic conditions. Light shades of grays, blues, greens, buffs, permit the choice of a color that will produce a pleasing effect.

Example Color Scheme

In the example before us. the floor covering is of a decided pattern in green and gray. The entrance door and window sash are apple green. The walls are gray, and the window curtains a faint pink with dark green window shades. The black stove with nickel trim and white enamel cabinet will balance each other.

The whole color scheme is in good taste, and will prove a charming room designed and equipped for kitchen activities. Aside from the color decoration of the kitchen, walls and woodwork should be treated in either eggshell or gloss finish, which are non-absorbing and can be easily washed with soapy water without injury.

Calcimines are not recommended because of their porosity and absorbing nature, the character of their finish not permitting of washing to remove the usual kitchen fatty vapors and smoky deposits.


New Plastered Walls—Apply a priming coat of equal parts Impervo Surfacer and Sani-Flat of the desired shade, well stirred together; when dry putty all defects and allow to harden.

Second or succeeding coats; and on old woodwork and plastered walls—If an eggshell coat is desired, mix thoroughly one pint of pure Linseed Oil to a gallon of Sani-Flat and apply a flowing coat. Should a gloss finish be desired apply a coat of Moore’s Tile-Like Enamel of the desired shade for the finishing coat.

If the floor is natural wood or covered with linoleum, apply two coats of Elastic Floor Varnish and should it require painting use a desirable shade of Moore’s Floor Paint; either of these finishes will not be injuriously affected by soapy water or grease.

Tile-Like Enamel

TILE-LIKE Enamel is intended for finishing those interior surfaces which require a durable, beautiful and protective enamel coating; such as kitchen walls, metal or wooden furniture, wicker ware, interior trim, etc.

The colors in which Tile-Like is manufactured cover a range of tone suitable for artistic combinations with delicately shaded draping’s and furniture.

New curtains, different decorations, etc., often necessitate a change in the color of furniture or trim; such changes are effectively and easily realized by the application of one or more coats of the proper shade of this enamel.

Tile-Like Enamel when properly applied produces a tile-like surface which will not crack, craze or chip, and which may be readily cleansed with soap and water. Ease of working, durability of gloss and permanency of color are qualities which make this an ideal finish for use in the home.

Plate No. 1

Ceiling—Ivory Tile-Like Enamel or Ivory Sani-Flat. Side Walls—Equal parts of Puritan Gray Tile-Like Enamel and Pale Green Tile-Like Enamel, or equal parts of French Gray Sani-Flat and Pea Green Sani-Flat.

Plate No. 2

Ceiling—Ivory Tile-Like Enamel or Ivory Sani-Flat. Side Walls—Old Ivory Tile-Like Enamel or equal parts of Buff and Warm Gray Sani-Flat.

Plate No. 3

Ceiling—White Tile-Like Enamel or White Sani-Flat. Side Walls—White Tile-Like Enamel shaded to Warm Gray Sani-Flat Color or Warm Gray Sani-Flat.

Plate No. 4

Ceiling—White Tile-Like Enamel or White Sani-Flat. Side Walls — One part White and one part French Blue Tile-Like Enamel, or Sky-Blue Sani-Flat.

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