Design Ideas for a Bedroom Furnished in White Enamel

Pleasing Design

The bed shown above is unusually pleasing in design. The natural-colored cane panels, also used on the dresser and chiffonier, add a note of individuality.

Bed Size and Cost

This bed as it is shown measures three feet and three inches in width and costs Twenty-six Dollars and Fifty Cents. The double size can also be had which measures four feet and six inches in width and costs Twenty-seven Dollars and Fifty Cents.

Cretonne Bedspread and Pillow Shams

The same cretonne used at the windows is also used for the bedspread and pillow shams. If so desired, a full valance of the same material could be used along the sides and across the end.

Quaint Charm

A bed treated in this way will add a quaint charm to any room. The bureau measures forty-two inches in length and twenty-two inches in depth.

Bevel Plate Mirror

It is fitted with a bevel plate mirror twenty-four by thirty inches and it can be purchased for Twenty-eight Dollars and Fifty Cents.

Dressing Table

A dressing table is also made to match this set, which conforms to the other pieces in design. The dressing table has a single mirror and is priced at Sixteen Dollars and Fifty Cents.


The chiffonier may be had with or without a mirror, as one may prefer. The one shown above is finished at the back with a cane panel. It is thirty-four inches long and twenty-one inches deep.

Cost of Chiffonier

This design costs Eighteen Dollars, and the same design with a sixteen by twenty-four-inch bevel plate mirror costs Twenty-four Dollars. The handles on all the pieces are of dull brass.

Perishability of Enamel Furniture

Some people are apt to consider that enamel furniture is perishable. This is naturally true if we don’t give our furniture the proper care and handling.

Proper Care

It is just as true of mahogany and other woods. If we treat our furniture roughly and without consideration, mahogany or walnut will become just as marred and scratched as enamel.

Finger Marks on White Enamel Furniture

I have heard the complaint made that white enamel furniture becomes finger marked — and so it does in time, but is it any great amount of trouble to wipe it off occasionally with a damp cloth and soap? 

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Serviceable Things

If we always adhere rigidly to the merely serviceable things in the furnishing and decorating of our homes, our rooms are bound to become commonplace and uninteresting.

Perishable Things

Let us use a perishable thing every now and then for the mere joy of having it. The good housekeeper fully realizes the durability of her furnishings.

Dainty Furnishing

She would naturally not furnish a room apt to get hard usage with enamel furniture, but she will take a certain pride in the dainty furnishing of her guest room.

Attractive House

In fact, there is no woman who is not proud of her attractive house, and why should she not be? If her rooms are charming, it is a result of her own efforts and she well deserves the credit due her.

Oval Table

An oval table with an eighteen by thirty-six inch top is a convenient bedroom size. In many small bedrooms it is impossible to use a larger table. This table can be purchased for Eight Dollars and Twenty-five.

Small Desk

A small desk thirty-two inches wide and forty inches high, suitable for bedroom use, costs Sixteen Dollars and Fifty Cents. It has a single drawer and a good arrangement of pigeon holes for stationery.

Wing Chair

A wing chair covered in cretonne always looks exceedingly well in the bedroom. In fact, every bedroom should have one comfortable upholstered chair.

Slip Cover

If a light-colored cretonne is used, it is a good idea to have a slip cover made for the chair so that it can be easily removed and washed. A chair like the one illustrated has mahogany legs and, in the denim, covering can be bought for Eighteen Dollars.

Same Material as Window Curtains

A chair of this kind always looks well covered in the same material used for the window curtains or in a plain or striped material in a color to harmonize.

Window and Door Hangings

Window and door hangings are important factors in the decorative scheme of any room. They not only add warmth and coziness to the room but should be seriously considered in reference to the color scheme.

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