Designing Dreamy Haven: Ideas for Decorating a Girl’s Room

In rooms where we are going to use painted furniture, colors such as blue-green, Nile green, canary yellow, blue are in most cases more interesting and satisfactory than ivory, buff or grays.

Wall Paper

Let’s start with a wallpaper with a white ground with star design in peach. Or, if the walls are to be painted, let them be in white with a soft antiqued effect in peach.

Floors and Furniture

Our floors will be painted black and our furniture apple green. Draperies will have a black background with floral design in white, peach and blue-green.


Our bedspread will be white and blue-green or white and.


If the bathroom is tiled half way up in orchid and white or green and white or plain orchid and green, the wall above the tile should he painted pale ivory or white and the woodwork heliotrope. Along the top of the wall, around the windows, doors and cabinets, we would use one of the two-inch wall paper hands in a geo¬ metric pattern in apple green, white, black and yellow. Idle shower-bath cur¬ tain would be in canary yellow and white and the curtains canary yellow, hound in white or green hall fringe. The floor, if not tiled, would be painted black.

For the bathroom having black and white tiles we believe you would like peach walls and woodwork, white curtains hound in peach, shower-bath curtain in black and white, and accessories in peach and black . . . The walls of a bathroom which is not tiled we would paint a fawn color with the woodwork French blue, and the floor a slate color. Shower-bath curtains would he in a light rose and the glass curtains in sheer voile with a rose back¬ ground and little white and blue (lowers and trimming in blue. Towels aim access stories would he in blue, rose, white and black.

Game Room

Why not paint the walls and woodwork fog gray and the baseboards black? And paint the headings around doors and win¬ dows bright red for accent. This red will be continued in draperies of red-and-white plaid or red-w hite-and-blue stripes. Furni¬ ture will also be painted bright red. If there is any upholstery it may be in the same fabric as the drapery or plain dark blue. Paint the floors lead color or black. 1 f there are many pieces of furniture, some may be painted in a delft blue and some in black with accents of red. Navajo rugs in blacks, grays, whites and red complete the sporting atmosphere.

Or we might have a game room with buff walls and fawn woodwork with doors and baseboards in dark brown. 

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The tables would he painted antique green—some chairs antique green and others light orange. Upholstered chairs would be in fabrics carrying the same colors as the drapery or all in rust.

And so we leave you in the game room, in an easy chair, to think over some of these suggestions for securing added Color Harmony in your home. There are many other possibilities. You will have many good ideas, too. And there are never two homes the same because of the variety of furniture, number of members of the family, and many other circumstances. Hut if the is little trip through our imaginary home shall have started you to planning or helped you in any way at all, we shall he happy indeed.

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