Creating a Cozy Home: Tips and for Furnishing Your Apartment

The problem of furnishing the rooms of an apartment is in reality no different from that of furnishing the rooms of a small house. The only real difference is in the general arrangement of the plan. The rooms, usually, are of smaller dimensions, but the same general rules apply to both.

Of course, there are certain things in taking an apartment which cannot be changed. If the woodwork is not to our liking and does not conform to our furnishings, we have to make the best of it. If the arrangement of doors and windows does not please us, we must accept them as they are. Fortunately, the landlord is willing to repaper the walls for each new tenant, and we are not forced to live with wallpapers of another’s choosing.

Purchasing Furniture for Small Apartment

In purchasing furniture for the small apartment we should keep in mind the fact that we are dealing with very small rooms and one should avoid buying large or heavy pieces of furniture. Because of the limited space with which we have to deal our ingenuity must be exercised. Cumbersome pieces of furniture would be awkward and out of scale with the size of the rooms. On the opposite page are shown some appropriate furnishings for the living room of a small apartment.

Gate Leg Table

The gate leg table shown in the center illustration measures forty-five inches round. It can be had in oak or birch-mahogany, and costs Eighteen Dollars.


The lamp shown has a pottery bowl for the base in a soft green mat glaze. It is mounted for oil and with a sixteen inch silk shade which can be ordered in any color, costs Eleven Dollars, complete.

Willow Chairs

Willow chairs are always appropriate for apartment use. The graceful design at the top of the page on the left costs Eight Fifty in the natural color and with the seat and back cushions covered in denim it is Ten Dollars and Seventy-five Cents. The lounging chair on the right has a deep low seat and costs Eight Dollars in the natural color and Ten Dollars and Twenty-five Cents with its cushions in denim.

Sheraton Furniture for Small Apartment or Country Dining Room

For a small apartment or country dining room there is probably no style of furniture more suitable than Sheraton. The simple gracefulness of its lines will add a certain dignity to any room in which this style of furniture is used. Sheraton furniture calls for white woodwork and light colored walls and will lend itself admirably to any color scheme which might be chosen.

Charming effects can be obtained if the walls are papered in white or cream, with curtains of some gay pattern of English chintz, printed linen, or cretonne. A white panelled wall also makes a most excellent background. A plain rug should also be used, or a simple diamond or block pattern would be effective.


The sideboard illustrated is a good example of a simplified Sheraton design. It measures fifty-four by twenty-two inches and can be purchased for Thirty Dollars. There are three central drawers, the upper drawer being lined with purple velvet, and two end cupboards. It is made in gum, a wood so like mahogany that the difference cannot be detected.


The forty-eight-inch round table is made to extend to three lengths. The six-foot size costs Twenty Dollars, the eight-foot size Twenty-three Dollars and the ten-foot size Twenty-six Dollars.


The chairs are made in solid mahogany with leather cushion seats. The arm chairs are Twelve Dollars each and the side chairs Eight Dollars and Fifty Cents.

Willow and Mahogany in Bedroom

Willow and mahogany have been effectively combined in the bedroom. Two three-quarter post single beds of charming design add a note of individual charm to the room. These beds are made in solid mahogany and measure three feet and three inches in width. They can be purchased for Twenty-five Dollars each. They can be had in a four-foot six-inch width also, and at the same price. A deep valance of white madras or linen is carried around three sides, edged with a narrow yellow fringe edging. The bedspread is made of the same material and finished in the same way.

Mahogany Bureau

At the right is shown a good design in a mahogany bureau for Thirty-nine Dollars and Seventy-five Cents. The bevel plate mirror measures twenty-eight by thirty-six inches. The other pieces which match this bureau are well designed and reasonable in price. In the illustration shown opposite, it will be seen how attractive a bedroom may be if furnished in these pieces.

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